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Stocks Trading

How to trade stocks/Trade stocks with low margin rates/Diversify your trading portfolio

Stocks Trading

  • Foxane offers traders the capability to trade the world’s most prevalent corporations such as Tesla, Netflix or Alibaba.

How to trade stocks

Stock trading is a procedure of buying and selling shares – which are small fractions of a corporation – to obtain financial growth. When you purchase stocks, you become a shareholder of a company investing your funds into their prospect. The stock prices are determined by numerous factors such as the state of economy and market, business performance or other investors’ behavior.

Foxane gives you an opportunity to choose for yourself which shares you want to buy or sell.

Trade stocks with low margin rates

On our comprehensive platform, you may find an extensive selection of common, global stocks with low margin requirements and competitive commission rates.

Diversify your trading portfolio

Differentiate your portfolio and gain exposure when a stock is increasing or dropping. Take benefit of the market volatility as an extra boost to make the most of your earnings.

Why Stocks?

  • 200+ popular stocks

    Buy and sell stocks of the most popular corporations, listed on NASDAQ, NYSE and London Stock Exchange.

  • Low margin fees

    Gain market exposure on long positions, with low margin rates and requirements.

  • High liquidity

    Fast, reliable pricing aggregated from top Tier-1 liquidity providers.

  • Premier execution

    Premier execution with low latency at the leverage level of your choice.

Foxane, the best option to invest

At Foxane, we are committed to expand your trading experience, with your satisfaction as the primary point.
Open an account with us and benefit from our superior trading conditions.

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